Welcome to Flair

We build tools to establish accountability & responsibility in a decentralized world!
Flair is an NFT launchpad and escrow protocol, helping responsible projects to establish trust with their community, through features like mint-payment vesting and return & refund for NFTs.
In web3 code is law, so Flair provides accountability through code. We create smart contracts, APIs and SDK for developers; and analytics, reports, and management dashboard for creators and founders.
Our platform helps value creators such as musicians, artists, game developers sell their NFT assets while establishing trust with their community.

Getting Started

You can use Flair to escrow payments when collectors mint your NFTs which gives them peace of mind. Collector payments will be slowly released to you, over an agreed-upon period. For example you can receive 20% of mint payments immediately, and receive the rest over 90 days, on hourly basis. Read more here.
Flair's Escrow contracts allows a safe minting experience!