Flair Angels

Flair Angels came to rescue us from the darkness of irresponsibility and rug-pulls!


As an NFT-friendly protocol, we at Flair are proud to introduce a new way of supporting and participating in our protocol, using NFTs to sell our tokens plus indefinite exclusive rights.
Each Flair Angel NFT gives their possessor ability to receive free $FLAIR tokens via staking over 2 years. Each Angel NFT also has an image for a stronger connection with their possessor.
$FLAIR tokens have an important purpose in Flair.Finance, read more in Token Economy.


Angels will help bring Flair to life to make our decentralized world safer.

Angel Staking

First and most immediate utility for Angels is to receive free $FLAIR tokens.

Early Access

Another important benefit for Angel NFT possessors is the perpetual right to have early access to projects launched on Flair platform via the usual raffle and lottery model.
Flair Angels NFT holders will be allowlisted for pre-sales and private sales, this means as an Angel possessor you will always have the chance to be the first to find a gem.


Each angel will have voting power in Flair's DAO.
Proceeds of Angels NFT sales will be sent to Flair's treasury to be used to offer grants up to $100k to promising projects. Those projects may gift a certain number of their minted NFTs to the Flair's treasury.
Read more in Treasury and Grants.

Premium Features

As Flair launchpad is developed further with new features, Flair Angels will be a way for creators and artists to access certain premium launchpad features for free. Others would have to spend $FLAIR tokens to access those features.


There will be 8,000 Angels minted during seed sale.
As described above, Angels NFTs are the way we are going to sell $FLAIR tokens with a discounted price to participants of the seed sale.
We are going to reserve 4,000 for strategic value-add buyers, which is for experienced founders and builders in DeFi and NFT, that can add value to Flair.
Remaining 4,000 Angels are reserved for our community members in Discord to buy.
Each Angel will receive 1,000,000 $FLAIR tokens for free over 2 years, by staking their NFT. $FLAIR tokens will only be used for governance and using Flair launchpad various features.


To make the our utility-based NFTs more exciting we have Nikki, a talented artist from Iran, in our team. Her imagination and passion is the reason we kindly asked her to join our team and own part of the success with us.
She spent more than 4 months learning how to translate her art into a multi-layer approach so she can take advantage of this technology to create a world full of characters she imagines in her world.


As described in the Vision section above, the future of Angels is intentionally tightly-coupled to Flair platform's success. Staking to receive $FLAIR and early-access to projects are amongst the first attempts to bring true utility to Angel NFTs:
  1. 1.
    Staking for $FLAIR will be activated when 50% are sold.
  2. 2.
    Grants process will start when 60% are sold.
  3. 3.
    Early-access mint wildcards will be available when 100% are sold.


Angel possessors have governance voice in Flair. Read more about this in Governance section.
Governance decisions may include: deciding on future features and direction of the launchpad, curating projects which launch on Flair platform and may receive grants. Read more about this in Treasury and Grants section.


1) Flair Finance does not make any representations or warranties with respect to the future value of Flair Angels or $flair tokens. (Flair Finance believes that the future value of Angel NFTs or $flair tokens (if any), will be generated by the enthusiasm of the community of Angel owners).
2) Angel NFTs or $flair tokens do not represent an ownership interest in Flair Finance or Flair Labs as a whole.
3) Angel NFTs or $flair tokens are not an investment vehicle and are not being created for the purpose of trading or liquidity, rather they are a governance unit, intended to be used as a vote in decentralized governance.