Flair operates by the community via voting power gained by holding $FLAIR tokens.
In Q4 2022 Flair development team will set up a DAO to completely delegate all governor roles to the community of $FLAIR token holders. Until then, development team is the holder of the governor's role on smart contracts via a multisig controlled by Aram and Kasra.
Before governance is fully moved on-chain, community can signal proposals via Snapshot on
Governor role can decide on:
  • Collectors and creators $FLAIR token reward ratio.
  • Mint $FLAIR tokens (based on current implementation).
  • Withdraw accrued protocol fee in Treasury.
  • Upgrade Token and Treasury smart contracts to a new implementation.
Governor role CANNOT:
  • Control or withdraw payments of collectors (within Funding contract).
  • Manipulate or update funding offers and contributions (i.e. payments).

Plan of Decentralization

  1. 1.
    Launch the protocol and have first few successful projects, this will provide enough experience on important aspects of the protocol concerning governance.
  2. 2.
    Design the token launch mechanics (private and public sale) and renounce the ownership of the contract and remove upgradability, so the team can no more control or mint $FLAIR tokens.
  3. 3.
    After growing the community of $FLAIR holders to a healthy number a DAO based on Compound-inspired OpenZepplin contracts will be launched and governor role will be transferred to that DAO.
  4. 4.
    Based on DAO's decision future of Treasury contract will be decided, to either remain upgradable or DAO removes the upgradability and keep the last version.