Stake Flair Angels to receive $FLAIR tokens. Stake $FLAIR tokens to receive Mint Wildcards.
There are currently 2 staking mechanisms on Flair platform. One is for holders of Flair Angels NFTs and the other one is for any $FLAIR token holder.
Staking mechanisms are planned to go live after Flair Angels sales, please refer to Roadmap for more details.

Staking Angels for $FLAIR

First and most important immediate utility for Flair Angels is to stake them to receive $FLAIR tokens. Refer to Token Economy for details on how much tokens you will receive and what is the vesting schedule.
An important aspect of this approach (using NFTs to receive vested tokens) is that you can trade your Angel NFT on secondary markets such as OpenSea, which means even though your $FLAIR tokens are not fully vested you have immediate liquidity.

Staking $FLAIR to receive Mint Wildcards

Besides governance, $FLAIR holders can stake their tokens for specific duration of time to receive free Mint Wildcards.
As an example for every 1,000,000 $FLAIR that you stake for 2 weeks, you will receive 1 free Mint Wildcard. Mint Wildcards gives you whitelist early access to projects that are launched on Flair platform.