Simple collection

If you want a easy and simple no-code escrow for minting NFTs follow this page.
To launch a simple fundraising campaign you don't need smart contract coding skills. Here is a checklist to help you launch a simple campaign:

Step by step guide

Here is a simple guide on how to launch a pre-order campaign on Flair.

1. Start a pre-order campaign

Go to Launch your campaign page choose an appropriate type.

2. Name, Description, Image

Choose a name, short description and a campaign image for your project and define the NFTs (e.g. your songs, your game character races, etc.).

3. Choose funding options

Then decide on how do you like to release collector payments to yourself. For example you can decide to have 20% of their payments immediately after they mint, and then 80% to be released over 90 days.
If you need help here send a message in our Discord, our team is always happy to help.

4. Launch the campaign

On the last step there are a few actions you'll be asked to perform to fully sign and launch your campaign on the blockchain.