Token Economy

For governance. Rewarded as you use the protocol. Exclusive access for holders.
$FLAIR token is designed with multiple purposes:
  • Governance: token holders are able to stake and decide the future of the protocol.
  • Participation Reward: all creators, artists, and collectors will be rewarded for their activities.
  • Exclusive Access: holders of $FLAIR tokens will receive Mint Wildcards (via staking) which gives them early access to NFTs launched on Flair.
  • Premium Features: To access certain features of Flair launchpad you need to spend or stake $flair tokens.

Supply & Allocation

Total Supply of $FLAIR is 100,000,000,000 (100 Billion).
$FLAIR Token Allocation Chart

# Vesting Schedule

Team tokens will be locked for 6 months, then they will be released monthly over the next 4 years. Private sale tokens will be released monthly over 2 years, DEX LP will be rewarded over 2 years. Participation Rewards are minted on each funding by collectors until depleted.

# Participation Rewards (Community Airdrop)

Early collectors and project creators will be rewarded $FLAIR tokens when they fund (mint) via Flair platform. Reward amount is based on a Bancor-style bonding curve, the exact amount of rewarded tokens depends on the amount funded by the collector and current rewards pools balance. To encourage early adopters of the protocol $FLAIR token rewards will be high in the early days and slowly decrease.
# Exclusive Access (Mint Wildcards)
$FLAIR holders will be able to stake, and receive Mint Wildcards, to get early access to projects launched on Flair's platform. The exact mechanism will be detailed out when this feature is launched (planned for Q2 2022).

# Premium Features

For certain features of Flair you may need to spend or stake $flair tokens, or hold an Angel NFT.


1) Flair Finance does not make any representations or warranties with respect to the future value of Flair Angels or $flair tokens. (Flair Finance believes that the future value of Angel NFTs or $flair tokens (if any), will be generated by the enthusiasm of the community of Angel owners).
2) Angel NFTs or $flair tokens do not represent an ownership interest in Flair Finance or Flair Labs as a whole.
3) Angel NFTs or $flair tokens are not an investment vehicle and are not being created for the purpose of trading or liquidity, rather they are a governance unit, intended to be used as a vote in decentralized governance.